Thursday, February 16, 2017

Bring On the Back-ups: "The Decision!" by Starlin and Tanghal

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! We're back with the third chapter of Jim Starlin's OMAC revival! "The Decision!" from Warlord #38 (July 1980) was written and laid out by Judo Jim, the finishes and inks were provided by future New Teen Titans super-star inker Romeo Tanghal. (Tanghal gives Starlin a very different look, to say the least--and his style would change a lot over George Perez's pencils in NTT.) Things are getting ready to get even wilder (and just look at how cram-packed this 8 pager is--no wonder us Groovy Agers have such a hard time with today's glacially paced comics), so let's up, up, and aw--wait, wrong mag. Er, um, Dig it, baby!


  1. Wiley Quixote and the Verner Brothers... The Comic gangs have taken over the world. I wonder where ACME is in all of this.

  2. Unfortunately, without Rubinstein's superb finishes, the art suffered greatly in this segment.



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