Monday, July 17, 2017

Marvel-ous Monday: "...Under the Name of Ritual--" by Conway, Colan, and Grainger

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! A few weeks ago (right 'chere) we rapped about Daredevil #77 and the DD/Sub-Mariner/Spider-Man free-for-all that ended with Spidey and Subby following a mysterious lady into another dimension via a tear-drop shaped mystic portal. Well, today we're gonna find out where our sensational super-heroes went--and what kinda trouble they got into! Sub-Mariner #40 was one of three extra-special comics that Dear Ol' Dad bought me to cheer me up while I was feeling under the weather one fateful Sunday in May 1971, so it's a sentimental fave. (The other two were Fantastic Four #112--Hulk vs. Thing, and Batman #232--the first appearance of Ra's al Ghul--yeah, DoD had great taste in comics--and a lotta luck, too, since the Batman comic was a couple months old! Ya had to love comicbook distribution in the 70s, baby!) Young Groove really dug the Gene Colan/Sam Grainger art, and Gerry Conway's story was pretty cool, too, especially that weird villain, Turalla. I still think it's a fun yarn. Hope you dig..."...Under the Name of Ritual--"
Cover art by George Tuska (Turalla looks like very Gene Colan-ish to moi), Frank Giacoia and John Romita.


  1. Sam Grainger brought a beautiful finish to Gene's pencils. It's a shame they weren't paired together more often (this might have been their only team-up).

  2. Wow, that Gene Colan stuff moves.

  3. How neat! I JUST read this comic a few days ago! It was certainly an interesting and entertaining read, but the whole 'People of the Black Sea' thing was really left super underdeveloped.

  4. Adam Austin strikes again - beautiful and dynamic art!



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