Thursday, July 13, 2017

R.I.P. Sam Glanzman

Sam Glanzman, a comicbook creator who got his start at the dawn of comics in 1939, has passed away at age 93. Glanzman's energetic, detailed style was published by almost every publisher ever, but he's best known for his work at Charlton and DC. His war comics, especially his autobiographical U.S.S. Stevens, were best known and best lauded, and Ol' Groove really dug his work on Westerns, too. He had a long, great career, and you can learn all about it via Mark Evanier's News From ME. Here are some of Mr. Glanzman's \ stunning covers and splashes...

Sadly, Stan Lee's wife, Joan, also passed away this past weekend. Our condolences to Stan and his family.


  1. Now Sam Glanzman, too? 2017 is turning into a rotten year for losing our comics professionals. At least he lived to a ripe old age. He always seemed to me to be the poor man's Joe Kubert. That's not a knock. He just had a similar style as Mr. Kubert but not quite as talented. I loved his Hercules for Charlton. It was a cut above the other Charlton mags of the time in quality, story and art. And those Jim Aparo Thane of Bagarth backups. As they say in France, Oo la la! RIP Sam. Many good comics book memories from you.

  2. Sorry to hear about Sam Glanzman. I first discovered his work in the Modern comics reprints of the Hercules series. As a child I spent hours copying/redrawing panels from the issue where Hercules faces the Hydra. The Charlton series is still one of my favourite comic book versions of the deity.


  3. RIP Sam, yeah another great artist passes away. I still have some old Haunted Tank issues which he did and I'm grateful to have a sample of his work.

    Mike from Trinidad & Tobago.

  4. Not even a wee USS Stevens story -- Glanzman's masterpiece?

    1. Didn't feel right doing that when his family is selling collections of those stories to raise money right now. But I do have some cool Charlton stories Glanzman did coming soon!



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