Monday, September 4, 2017

Marvel-ous Mondays: "Die, Town, Die!" by Drake, Heck, and Tartaglione

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Captain Mar-Vell is continuing his complicated adventure on earth as his double-agent situation puts him in quite a sticky spot. It's hard to be a villain and hero at the same time, but Marv gives it his all as his sympathy toward the people of earth causes him to throw a sneaky monkey wrench into his Kree mission once more. Will all this subterfuge catch up with our favorite Kree Captain? Not...yet, thanks to his beloved Una and the menace of Quasimodo! From Captain Marvel #7 (August 1968) and Arnold Drake, Don Heck, and John Tartaglione, here's "Die, Town, Die!"
Cover art by John Romita


  1. One that jumped out at me when I read these stories again several months ago was how Mar-Vell kept getting jerked back and forth to the spaceship each issue. It's not the kind of thing that necessarily jumps out at you issue by issue, but when read back to back it's hard to see how he was supposed to be even slightly effective as an infiltrator when he kept on returning all the time.

    Love this stuff!

    Rip Off

  2. It may be blasphemy but this is the Mar-Vell I like! Jim Starin is great but the change wan't embraced by me. The rest of the world seemed to prefer it.

  3. I remember reading this series back when it came out, but the fact that it was written by Arnold Drake had completely glitched out of my data base. My appreciation for his work grows even more. Going to have to go digging and read through these again.
    Thanks for the groovy reminder.

  4. Love these beginning Mar-vell issues! Much prefer this uniform over the red and blue.



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