Friday, September 15, 2017

Random Reads: "The Shivering Stars" by Wein and Giolitti

Welcome back, Groove-ophiles! We're finishing up our week-long tribute to Len Wein with one of his many stories done for Gold Key. "The Shivering Stars" from Twilight Zone #35 (September 1970), with art by Alberto Giolitti is a great example of Wein's early work. Enjoy!


  1. Now Gold Key? Len Wein was the Johnny Appleseed of comics scripting throwing his seed to sprout everywhere. One recurrent theme of his over the years was the bad guy getting a fatal comeuppance at the end as in this story.

  2. he art looks the same as the Gold Key Star Trek.

  3. More....More......More Twilight Zone PLEASE!! Along with Gold Key/Dell UFO, Flying Saucer comics, Dark Shadows, The Outer Limits. But more TZ Please!! I had no idea Len Wein wrote these. AWESOME! How about some Classic Illustrated Frankenstein, the Invisible Man, War of the Worlds for Oct too!

  4. Top of page three, miniature repair robots, an early prediction of nanobots?

  5. "I had no idea Len Wein wrote these."

    Yes, show us "Dragondoom" the story of what happened to archeologist Len Wayne and his lovely young assistant Glynis Oliver.....wonder who wrote that one?

    (It was in Boris Karloff:Tales Of Mystery #34)



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