Monday, September 11, 2017

Len Wein, R.I.P.

Well, another of our Groovy Age greats has left us. Word got out early yesterday (Sunday, 9/10/17) afternoon that Wein had passed Sunday morning. Wein's health had been an issue, he'd ben on dialysis for some time. He was 69. But of course, we want to remember and celebrate Len's joy in creating comics, a joy that shone in most every page he wrote..a joy that was shared with all of us who read and appreciated his work.

To me, Len Wein as one of the top-notch writers of the Groovy Age. I was never disappointed to see his name in the writer's box, and I was rarely disappointed after I closed a mag he'd scribed. Many of my all-time favorite comics, more than I can share here, were written by Len Wein. Not just the stories featuring his most famous creations (Swamp Thing, Human Target, Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler), but also the truly awesome runs he had on characters like Justice League of America, Batman, Phantom Stranger, Defenders, Spider-Man, Thor, Fantastic Four, Korak, Deadman, Zatanna, Demon...ah, I could go on and on, but why not just share these splashes from some of his most famous and my most favorite comics by Len Wein. (And this is just his Marvel and DC work. I'll probably add some of his work at Warren, Skywald, Gold Key, and others in the not-too-distant future. I should also mention that he was a top-notch editor, most famously on New Teen Titans and Watchmen in the 1980s.)

R.I.P., Len Wein, and thank you so, so much.


  1. That's sad news for anybody who loves comics, but this is a nice tribute. The breadth of the guy's work is remarkable. I fondly remember Len's great work particularly on The Incredible Hulk, Justice League and Swamp Thing.
    An amazing legacy.


  2. It's a little disheartening when life has been extended so much in recent years and celebs such as June Foray are living to 99 to lose our Groovy Age greats Buckler, Wrightson and Wein at the relatively young ages of 68 - 69. Where does one begin to encapsulate the profound presence of Len Wein in the Groovy Age? He formed so much of my comics collecting experiences in high school. From lauded runs on the Hulk, Thor and Spider-Man to the timeless classics of Swamp Thing, the Human Target, Batman and the Phantom Stranger (actually some of the best stuff he ever wrote, in my opinion). His writing was so smooth it seemed to birth itself onto the page effortlessly. And there were always subtle changes he tried to bring to long established characters as well as morals he imparted in his stories. I was lucky enough to see him at the Emerald City Comicon in 2010 and have him sign some of his most famous books (An interesting aside. I had Dave Cockrum sign Giant-Size X-Men # 1 when I met him in NYC in 1985. It would be 25 years before I could get Mr. Wein's autograph on the book. Just goes to show how quickly life can pass by and how patient we comic fanatics are in getting our books signed). Besides his superb writing Mr. Wein was Editor in Chief for Marvel for awhile and DC editor extraordinaire in the 80s. He will be sorely missed. I guess he and Bernie Wrightson are now reunited in the afterlife. Thank you, Mr.Wein, for all your great stories and characters that you blessed us with which are still here to this day. I tip my comics collecting nerd hat to you with deep gratitude.

  3. So sorry to hear this news. He was so enthusiastic, so creative. He epitomized the fun in comics that died so many years ago.

  4. "Skirmish in the streets" that issue where Spidey is dumping his clone to destroy the body?

  5. Way to young. I read a ton of his comics. Another great talent lost. RIP.

  6. I was so sad to hear of his passing yesterday. He was a huge part of many of our youth. A epic creator & story teller. Thank you for all the great years of work Mr.Wein. Great tribute Lloyd! Keep on Groov'in!

  7. RIP Len Wein. Len was an extraordinary talent in comicdom — surely one of the best writers and general luminaries. Many fine stories streamed from his pen, or keyboard, and for his and Bernie's contribution of Swamp Thing alone, Len is one of the all-time best creators in my book!



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