Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Black and White Wednesday: "Silver Streaked" with John Severin Art

Whoo-whoot, Groove-ophiles! Like a lot of 70s kids, Ol' Groove digs the Gene Wilder romp, Silver Streak. (Ol' Groove digs about any Gene Wilder flick, in fact). Not only was it a different type of character for Mr. Wilder, but it also teamed him for the first time with another comic genius--one who'd be Wilder's movie partner for even more classic comedies, of course I'm talkin' about, Richard Pryor. We're not watching the movie here (although you should if you get the chance), but we are looking at the Cracked parody of it from Cracked #143 (cover-dated August 1977). While, as usual with most Cracked parodies, "Silver Streaked" isn't nearly as funny as the actual flick it's poking fun at, but it does sport some far-out John Severin art!


  1. I remember only buying Cracked as a kid if my newsagent didn't have Mad in stock. Severin's artwork is pretty good here though - his style reminds me of Mad's Angelo Torres. (cool site you have here btw! )

  2. I sure hope Cracked was paying Mr. Severin well because his artwork was gorgeous. It is because of the beauty of his parodies, along with the covers he drew, that I have been avidly seeking out back issues of Cracked, although they are hard to find (but not as difficult as back issues of Joe Simon's Sick).



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