Monday, March 5, 2018

Marvel-ous Monday: "The Moment of--The Man-Slayer!" by Drake, Ayers, and Shores

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Here's Captain Marvel #12 (January 1969) by Arnold Drake, Dick Ayers, and Syd Shores. It's another wild one with Mar-Vell returning to earth (and all the problems he'd left behind) and using his new Zo-given powers to battle...the Man-Slayer! Kind of a snoozer of a villain, but the behind-the-scenes villain might intrigue you--along with the behind-the-scenes guest appearance of Madame Natasha--The Black Widow! It's time! "The Moment of--The Man Slayer!"
Cover art by George Tuska and Sal Buscema with John Romita (we think)

What happens to the Widow? Who was the baddie behind The Man-Slayer? You won't find out in the next ish of CM--nope, you'll have to skip on over to the Avengers #63 to find out! (Nope, Ol' Groove doesn't have that'un posted, sorry... but here's a small taste to help clear your wearied minds!)


  1. If whoever drew Avengers 63 (John B?) drew that issue of Cpt Marvell, and the next several, we might still be reading a green Cot Marvell!

    1. Gene Colan art on the Avengers, CH! Mebbe that's why he left Marv's mag?

  2. It's gorgeous. If Gene had stayed on Marvell, who knows???

  3. If I just sent a comment "are you paid" please ignore Groove. Got mixed up messaging my son at college.

  4. I think it is a sad state of affairs for CM at this point that the Avengers follow-up deserves more mention (And it was a superb issue. Beautiful Colan/Klein artwork) than this installment of our soon to be cosmic hero. At least the overpowering inks of Syd Shores strengthened Dick Ayers pencils and made this issue of CM bearable.



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