Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Black and White Wednesday: "The Killer" by Will Eisner

Ol' Groove is ever so thankful that James Warren and the gang published The Spirit Magazine during the Groovy Age. Oh, how I loved that mag! As much as Teen Groove loved the Groovy Age comics, I knew without a single doubt that Will Eisner was an important, timeless creator whose work was made to savor and study. What a genius he was to come up with the storytelling device he used in "The Killer," published in The Spirit Magazine #1 (January 1974)!


  1. I remember this one from when it was reprinted in the Warren Magazine version of The Spirit. Remember still peering through those grisly eye sockets.

  2. One of the great cartoonists.

    Absolutely readable AND innovative. Many of Eisner's successors had trouble achieving both.

    Chris A.

  3. Thanks to Steranko 's Historybof Comics I became aware of The Spirit. Thanks to Warren I got to read more than just the one story Steranko published. I recall the first time I bought Warren's Spirit mag, stuck with other comic magazines on the shelf below the "men's" magazines. What a satisfying read it was! There's a reason for The Eisner Awards... Thanks for reprinting this Pete!

  4. Will Eisner was my teacher for 3 years at the School of Visual Arts. He was a genius and a great man. He taught me so much.

  5. Very few could tell a story like Eisner. He was a master of innovation and economy of content. Which is why his work has been constantly reprinted for over 70 years. There is a timelessness to everything. I'm so glad he retained the rights to his creations and profited from them greatly. His is one of the happy stories in a field that often chewed its creators up and left so many with broken dreams.



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