Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Decent Comics: "The Anger of the Black Orchid!" by Mayer and DeZuniga

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! While "The Anger of the Black Orchid! by co-creators Sheldon Mayer and Tony DeZuniga is the last feature-length Black Orchid tale in Adventure Comics, it's not the end of our mysterious heroine! Nope! But you'll find out more about that next month. Right now, let's trip on back to August 1973 for a look back at Adventure Comics #430...

Cover art by Bob Oksner


  1. This is another brilliant Black Orchid story...seen only here! This is such an awesome character, she didn't deserve to be summarily killed off in the 90s DC comic of the same name. But I seem to recall she showed up in other mags in the 70s...and I bet you will post some of them here! Thanks again for this stuff, it really makes my day to see this old stuff and these fabulous 70s artists. Check out that Pontiac hardtop at the start of this comic.

  2. Thanks Lloyd for posting these issues. I'm going to be picking up these three issues soon. From my local dealer pretty reasonably priced too all NM/M. Being the huge Tony Dezuniga fan I forgot I once bought these when they were still fresh off the printing press.

  3. Adventure Comics around this time had some really outstanding talent and stories. Alex Toth's Black Canary two parter, Gray Morrow's Zatanna 3 parter, DeZuniga occasionally on Supergirl then Black Orchid, all great, great stuff!

  4. The beautiful Tony DeZuniga artwork carried the quirky Sheldon Mayer storylines through 3 great stories in Adventure. I assume it was dropped due to low sales. But this was the best the Black Orchid would ever be.



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