Thursday, July 19, 2018

Random Reads: "Primate Patrol" by Kashdan, Landgraf, and Simons

Check it out, Groove-ophiles! Is it any wonder that during the Groovy Age, DC's line of war mags were among their best sellers? I mean, editors like Paul Levitz knew how to get four dimes out of our pockets with the ease of a practiced pickpocket! A Jim Starlin cover featuring armed gorillas dressed in tattered Nazi uniforms? Take my money, DC! George Kashdan's story is kinda cool, too, with it's sci-fi, Planet of the Apes inspired plot (did the folks behind the new POTA flicks read this comic? Hmmm?), but it's the art on "Primate Patrol" that Ol' Groove really digs. Yers trooly always thought that Ken Landgraf and Dave Simons (together or separately) were excellent artists with style that really appealed to me. After you get finished staring at the captivating Jim Starlin cover, flip it back and enjoy this treat from Weird War Tales #89 (April 1980)!


  1. The bland, flat colouring on the cover detracts from Starlin's drawing. I own some of the early issues of this series when the colours on the covers were so much deeper & richer, & even had some gradient effects. Of course, the books were printed on metal plates & even the interior inks were jet black----ah, yes!

    Chris A.

    1. To be honest, if Groove hadn't pointed out that this was a Starlin cover I never would have known by looking at it.

  2. How Planet of the Apes began on an alternative earth...



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