Monday, July 9, 2018

R.I.P. Steve Ditko

Never wanted to write this post, Groove-ophiles. Steve Ditko has passed at the age of 90. Ol' Groove has struggled with how to best honor, nay, celebrate the memory and talent of Steve Ditko. He always seemed to prefer to let his work represent him. I think it's most fitting to do the same....

The man will be missed, but his legacy will last forever!


  1. We never wanted to read this post, either.
    Indeed, truly missed.

  2. A very sad day indeed, but we'll always have and cherish. All his mind blowing creations/characters and art to enjoy. And for future generations of fans as well. R.I.P. Mr.Ditko Thank you for all your beautiful work.

  3. It's always sad to lose a creative spirit like Ditko, but there's no reason to feel sad for him. He was able to set the terms of his life and could not be coaxed, bribed or threatened away from his ideals. I'd call that a win, and 90 years is a good run.

    In that Creeper issue of Showcase. in declining an interview, he was quoted as saying "my work is me", so look around. In our longboxes, our entertainment, our culture, and our dreams, he's still with us. Always will be.

  4. I learned about his passing yesterday, and immediately felt like leaving a comment here, but I knew you would have posted a dedicated entry, so I waited.

    Doc Strange was indeed the first marvel comic I read (the story where he rescues some sleepers trapped in Nightmare's realm).
    A visionaire and a free spirit.
    Ciao, Steve, e grazie...

  5. Idiosyncratic artist at his peak in the '60s with so many GREAT character designs with Spidey & an array of villains at the top of the list. Also loved his psychedelic Dr. Strange dimensions which predated the hippie aesthetic.

    Chris A.

  6. He was an man and an artist who lived his life in a specific and unyielding way and that in itself is admirable, whether one agrees or disagrees with his philosophy. His craft was incredible, his storytelling exquisite. Like most artists in this field his skills eroded over time, but never his vision and never his commitment.

    Rip Off

  7. I knew it was inevitable considering his age, but it is still sad to see one of the founding fathers of the Marvel Age pass away. Now only Stan Lee is left and he seems to be hanging in there at 95. I found Ditko's Dr. Strange to be his best work. The amount of storytelling he could cram into 10 pages was amazing. He was the consummate professional, bringing a wonderment to everything he chronicled. The comic book art form is better for his contributions. I'm sad now. I feel like I've lost a friend. A wonderful friend who shared his idiosyncratic world with me. RIP Mr. Ditko.



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