Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Black and White Wednesday: Happy Birthday, Bob Layton (and Thanks for the Scans!)

Yesterday was Bob Layton's 65th birthday. Happy birthday, Bob! Your inks made some of the greatest comics of all time even more special, and Ol' Groove thanks you for that! (And for sharing these sweet original art scans on your Facebook page!)


  1. I love Bob Layton. His Iron Man run is still the best ! "Demon in a Bottle" ,Space Armor, Stealth Armor, Jutin Hammer story line ect.. His Hercules mini series was fun too. Great inker on John Byrne.

  2. Man that's good stuff! Layton is definitely one of those inkers who adds and improves on the original pencils. A true embellisher while not erasing the artist's style. Bravo!

  3. Layton was so good during this period. All fine lines and zip-a-tone. He looked fantastic on Byrne, whether Champions, the Hulk or Antman. It was obvious he and Michelinie were having a ball on Iron Man. John Romita, Jr was sure lucky to get his embellishment as he was just starting out. It established him as a major talent and cemented Layton as a top tier inker. I was so happy when he inked X-Men # 105. At last Cockrum had a good inker. Unfortunately he went to DC by the next issue. But we got to enjoy his collaboration with Joe Staton; certainly one of the best pencillers/inker teams of all time. He is very nice in person and never charges for signatures.



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