Monday, September 3, 2018

Marvel-ous Monday: Three Weird Wonder Tales with art by Powell, Wildey, and Torres

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Doing something wild, weird, and (hopefully) wonderful on this first Monday of September 2018 (Labor Day to those of us in the U.S.): focusing on three specific reprints from Marvel's Weird Wonder Tales #7 (September 1974). While the venerable Grand Comics Database doesn't list the author(s) for this trio of shockers, Ol' Groove can't help but wonder if Stan Lee didn't write some or all of 'em. (He did edit them.) "It Walks Erect!" was drawn (again, as per the info on GCD) by Bob Powell, "The Wrath of Chondu!" was drawn by Doug Wildey (though a certain Wikipedia entry credits George Evans--Ol' Groove sides with GCD), and "Prisoner of the Fantastic Fog" was illustrated by Angelo Torres. Why did Ol' Groove choose these three seemingly random tales from a seemingly random ish of a reprint mag focused on pre-Marvel Age sci fi? To separate the MEN from the boys? Literally? 'Cause, for those of you who were around during the Groovy Age, you probably already know, especially when you realize that the stories feature Arthur Nagan, Jerry Morgan, and Chondu. For those of you still scratching your HEADs, you can cheat and google search, or follow the above links, can wait 'til next Monday to learn...the big secret!
Cover art by Larry Lieber and Vinnie Colletta


  1. Steve Gerber must have loved these.

  2. great little tales, I really like the art. more of a Charlton comic than a Marvel

  3. "It Walks Erect" - hilariously naughty title (pre-Code?).

    Chandu is definitely Doug Wildey (best known for the 1964 Jonny Quest cartoon). Alex Toth complained that Wildey wad too reliant upon photo-reference. I still think he did great work.

    Angelo Torres always came across as an also-ran in '50s comics when seen next to his contemporaries Al Williamson & Frank Frazetta. In the early '70s Torres came into his own on Mad magazine TV satires...but paled next to Mort Drucker's stellar movie satire work. Poor Angelo. Talented fellow, but when put next to these absolutely top flight artists...

    Chris A.

    1. I thought his Creepy and Eerie work was outstanding.

    2. Great point! I overlooked that. Quite true.

      Chris A.

  4. Ruby Thursday was my favorite Headman. Er, Headwoman. Person.
    Ah, Ruby Thursday. Who could lay a name on you?
    (A little Rolling Stones reference there.)

    Aaaand, I'm outta here. Thank you, goodnight!




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