Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Decent Comics: "Master of the Seventh Void" by Michelinie, Giffen, Villagran, and Novelle

Here we go, Groove-ophiles! Some of you have been waiting for Claw the Unconquered to get out of Conan's shadow for good. If "Master of the Seventh Void" doesn't fit the bill, then Ol' Groove doesn't know what will. Writer/co--creator David Micheline is joined by innovative penciler Keith Giffen (inked by Ricardo Villagran and Oscar Novelle) to take Claw much farther into Michael Moorcock territory and farther away from Robert E. Howard than we've seen yet. T'was a blistering, action-packed, and cosmic sword and sorcery tale (under a Giffen-inked-by-co-creator Ernie Chan cover) that leaped from the spinner rack back in April 1976--and it's comin' your way right now!


  1. Not too bad. Early Giffen was an exciting presence in the Groovy Age. But he is ill-served by the Villagran/Novelle finishes here. Much better his Janson inked pencils in the Defenders.

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