Friday, September 21, 2018

Making a Splash: When the Captain Was a Ms. (Marvel, That Is!)

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! The trailer for the new Ms. Captain Marvel flick just dropped, so Ol' Groove thought it might be a good time to look back at the original, Groovy Age series in all its red-and-blue glory! With art by (mostly) Jim Mooney and Joe Sinnott, along with pencilers like the Brothers Buscema, Keith Pollard, Carmine Infantino and inkers Frank Giacoia, Sam Grainger, Tom Palmer, Bob McLeod, Steve Leialoha, Tony DeZuniga, Frank Springer, and Ric Villamonte, these sensational splashes are sure to please!

Oh, lest Ol' Groove forget, my brother-in-law Badraven cajoled yers trooly into appearing on camera with him again to get my thoughts on the CM trailer. If ya wanna watch us, go to Badraven's YouTube channel by clicking here. And, yeah, I've already been told that I have a face for radio. And if you please, leave Badraven a comment and tell 'im Ol' Groove sent ya!


  1. I remember all of these. I always considered her Marvel's version of Supergirl, with the shared artist, surname, and connection to a male character. Sort of lost track around the Binary period, but now we've got a CaptainMarvelGirl movie! Yippee...I guess.

  2. I reckon that some folks around here would be glad to see that she's wearing the green costume in the trailer, complete with helmet.

  3. Hey, I’ve been trying to read these comics on my phone through the RSS reader, and it’s nearly impossible, because they’re embedded so small. Can you fix this? Would really love to read your posts without embiggening each page.

    1. Nope, sorry. The embiggening step is one of the things that help keep The Man from shutting Groove City down.

    2. I read them on my phone. I just pull the image larger.

  4. Ms. Marvel was blessed with good art its entire run. Such variety. Both Buscemas, Infantino, Cockrum, Palmer, Rubinstein, Sinnott. Even Mooney looked good. And once Claremont got going, the storylines were excellent. These splashes are an art lover's dream; a four color version of the garden of earthly delights (my 70s pop culture reference).



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