Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lo! There Shall Come...Endings! Morlock 2001 #3

One of the most popular posts on the ol' Diversions so far was way back in October, when Ol' Groove gave ya the lowdown on Morlock 2001 (any last-minute party crashers can read that pulse-pounding post right here). Well, since we're celebrating endings, I thought I'd share the fateful finale to that screwy series. As you'll see, this was a last-ditch effort by Atlas/Seaboard to save their sci-fi/horror mash from oblivion. New editor, Larry Lieber and new writer, Gary Friedrich teamed with the new (and far-freakin' out) art team of Steve Ditko and Bernie Wrightson to kill off Morlock and turn the mag over to a group of whackos called the Midnight Men. We'll never know if Morlock was truly dead or if the revamp would'a worked as there were no more issues of Morlock 2001 published after this one. Still, ish 3 (April, 1975) was a hoot-n-a-half. Well worth checking out, Groove-ophiles!


  1. WOW! i used to have this book and i completely forgot that it was inked by berni wrightson. that is super-cool!!!

  2. Berni Wrightson had begun to do a lot of 'journeyman' comics inking in 1975-6 whilst studying painting on his own time before launching into a memorable poster series for Christopher Enterprises, culminating in his A LOOK BACK hardcover which, with his FRANKENSTEIN portfolios and book, signalled the end of an era in his work. His art in the 1980s was not as fresh or innovative as his '70s work where he seemed to be breaking new ground with just about every job.

  3. Wow, what a wild ride! Friedrich seemed to be taking the story into an exciting direction, and the Ditko/Wrightson art worked wonderfully well for this story. I'd be willing to bet Morlock didn't die, though. The Midnight Men were a good addition, but not good enough to replace Morlock. Of course, there was still that second pod, which presumably could have produced another plant-man like Morlock.



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