Monday, December 15, 2008

Hairy Christmas, Hank McCoy!

Season's Greetings, Groovesters! Today we're gonna rap about a Christmas gone wrong. Poor Hank McCoy. The man had just left the X-Men (where he was known as the agile and articulate Beast) to start a life of his own. Dreams of a normal life, thanks to a mutant ability-removing potion he was working on, danced in his head. However, the folks at Marvel (namely writer Gerry Conway, artist Tom Sutton, and editor Stan Lee) had other plans for the first graduate of Xavier's School. Those plans involved mutating Hank further, by covering him with gray fur and giving him even more powers like a limited healing factor. Sounds like a real bummer, huh? Well, I'll not spoil it any more for ya. If you want more info on the Beast's run in Amazing Adventures (issues 11-17), you can click here. Now it's time to dig back into the Groovy Agent's vaults for the premiere episode of Mrs. McCoy's bouncing baby Beast's solo series. Check it out! From December, 1971, here's Amazing Adventures #11's... "The Beast!"


  1. Nice one! I love the old X-Men. I never knew the Beast had his own series.. Thanks!

  2. btw is The Beat the original "Beastie Boy" as the X-Men would call him?

  3. WOW!
    Man did I love the beast as a kid. i loved him in the original X-Men & bought every issue! Even the reprints from #67-#93. Even if I owned like #4-#66 already. I guess I loved his humor & the fact he had big feet like me.

    I was a runt with feet that kept growing! Until I turned 14 or 15 then I beasted out from like 5"6-6-'1 over one summer! I could relate really with the Hulk, the Beast & Giant-Man! Talk about growing pains! Any way, I loved the art by Mike Ploog & Tom Sutton & even Jim Stalin in this series. Loved the Dr,Jekyll & Mr.Hyde theme to it.

    He was great in the avengers with wonderman also. i just wish he had gotten his own series from the begining & was drawn every issue by Ploog & Sutton! Atleast they got him almost right in the X-Men movies. never thought I'd see that or see Kelsey Grammar playing him!

  4. thanks Groove! I always wondered what was inside those gorgeous Beast covers I could never afford!



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