Saturday, December 13, 2008

Grooviest Covers of All Time: Christmas Treasure(ies)

Back in the mid-70s, Marvel and DC started putting out those huge, tabloid-sized (10 x 13") comics we've come to call "tabloid" or "treasury" comics. One of the coolest things they did was produce special Christmas editions reprinting superhero comics with Christmas themes--or at least stories that were published during December. (Yep, that's Ol' Groove's inspiration for what I've been doing this month!) Just for fun, let's take a look at those beauties , shall we? (Scans courtesy the wonderful Treasury Comics website--check it out for lots of cool trivia behind these--and nearly all--Treasury-sized comics!)

First up, a Nick Cardy masterpiece from 1974 (Limited Collectors' Edition #34)...
Next, a Curt Swan gem from 1975 (Limited Collectors' Edition #43)...Jolly John Buscema and the Marvel heroes step into Christmas in this classic from 1974 (Marvel Treasury Special #1)...
More far-out festivities courtesy Jazzy John Romita from 1975 (Marvel Treasury Edition #8)...
And finally, Groovy Gil Kane jingles our bells with this 1976 masterpiece (Marvel Treasury Edition #13)...

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