Saturday, February 21, 2009

Those Groovy Saturday Mornings: Fantastic Voyage

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Here's a trippy trip down memory lane: Filmation's Fantastic Voyage! The ABC-TV cartoon was kinda-sorta based on the movie of the same name, but this time instead of micro-surgery, our heroes were going to use their miniscule might to battle the enemies of freedom! I know that's a fact, 'cause Ted Knight says so in the intro! Check it out...

But we're here for the comics, baby! The short-lived cartoon series had an even shorter-lived comicbook series published by Gold Key. I haven't been able to track down any credits for those comics, so if you have any info, please share it with Ol' Groove! Meantime, just dig on the first story from Gold Key's Fantastic Voyage #1 (May, 1969), "The Seed of Power!"


  1. Nice. It seems that these late 60's/early 70's adventure cartoons (Filmation in particular) are never shown on tv and are not available on dvd.

  2. Groovy, baby! When I was a kid I loved that acronym CMDF, along with SHIELD, UNCLE, SHADO, er.. FOOM? I was a sucker for all that secret organisation stuff.

  3. This one gets me right in the heart: I absolutely loved that show, and then went for many years never encountering anyone else who even remembered it existed. Ah, but finding and celebrating such things is your forte...and I'm very glad you found this one!

    Also, seconding cerebus660's love of secret agency acronyms...and let's not forget how these supposedly covert operations had such cool logos and insignia patches.

  4. I loved watching this along with Journey to the Center of the Earth on Sunday mornings (they were syndicated by that time). Filmation kicked @$$ in that era. They were perfect for the silver age. But post '76, not so much.

  5. In the movie, CMDF was the Combined Miniaturized Deterrent Force. The TV show simplified it to Combined Miniaturized Defense Force, which actually makes more sense. It could not deter the enemy if they didn't know it existed-and, in the movie, CMDF seemed to be so secret that Stephen Boyd's character (who was a CIA or Secret Service agent) had never heard of it.



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