Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Funnies: Super-Plops!

What's happening, Groove-ophiles? Just stoppin' by to lay a little laughter on ya, PLOP! style! Yep, even DC's super-heroes got their giggles on in DC's Magazine of Weird Humor. Enjoy!


  1. These are great! I love them! More, more!

  2. I'd give ya more, Reis, but would'ja believe that's all the Super-Plops? However, I still have Monster Plops, People Plops, Prison Plops, and lots more in the pipeline!

  3. "Prison Plops" would be great! I can't remember the cartoonist who drew those (it wasn't Aragones), but the sight of a prisoner hanging by his wrists seemed to be a "Plop" trademark.

    "Plop" was the only DC book I bought regularly as a kid. Otherwise, I was your typical "Marvel Zombie," so Plop should be honored! ;-)

  4. Prison Plops! are on the way, Chris! Keep browsing (and visiting)the Diversions if ya wanna see what you missed during your "Marvel Zombie" days. Plenty of DC and Charlton, plus gems from other, lesser-known publishers, as well. Oh, but never fear, Ol' Groove dug Marvel the most, too, so you can bet this charter F.O.O.M. member posts plenty of memories from the House of Ideas!

  5. Thanks, Groovy! one dollar a week allowance only allowed 4 comics per there was plenty I bought, but plenty I missed.....and plenty, I believe, that didn't get distribution in my geographic location. (Comic book distribution could be a tricky thing in the early 70s. One month...nothing. Then suddenly several issues of the same title in a row sitting right on the stands...side-by-side! It was an adventure....)

  6. A dollar a week was the going rate for allowances back then, wasn't it? :D That was my allowance, too, but I was pretty good at doing little extra things that would result in rewards--which always came in the form of new comics. I lived in both Ohio and Kentucky in the 70s, and distribution was horrible until the mid-70s. That's when I learned what day of the week comics came out and what comics came out what week. I do remember the "fun" of tracking down comics in the early 70s. I actually got Avengers #100 AFTER ish #102 came out!

  7. LOL. I feel your pain. I was in South Carolina growing up (where I currently am once again! But hey, Roy Thomas lives here these I'd say times have changed!), and you're right. It was about 1975 or '76 when I noticed that the distribution improved greatly.

    And yes....similarly....I got Amazing Spider-Man #100 AFTER I got issues 101 and 103! (I missed 102....)...

  8. Heh, I found 102 before 101 (and got it in one of those "comic packs" where a local seller had stripped the logo and packed it with two other comics in cellophane for a quarter). I remember in '75 when Marvel started doing the weekly Checklist (and DC started their Daily Planet page soon after that). That was when I learned the schedules, and that was also the time when I was able to track down EVERY Marvel and DC I wanted (and a few I wish I'd avoided!).

    And I just checked your profile--dude I bought YOUR comic a few years back! Any chance of ever seeing Brother Destiny again?

  9. Hey Groovy,

    Thanks for picking that up! As a matter of fact, I am working on a new version of BD right now.....same character, but some slight this time, I'm doing it my way and completely under my control. This will, hopefully, be what I originally envisioned.....

    I just finished the thumbnails for the 32-page (no ads) first issue and am currently working on the layouts. I will briefly touch on his origin, but am getting into the meat of a story arc right off the bat. I want this in full color, I have a lot of work ahead of me.....once I've done a couple of issues, it will be time to find a publisher (or print it myself!)...But in the end, I hope it will be worth it.

    I just finished inking a final version of the new costume....and will post that on my blog as soon as I color it.....

  10. I'll keep checking out your blog for updates on Brother Destiny! When it's completed and ready for publication, I'll help publicize it here on the Diversions, too! Good luck!



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