Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Marvel M-Ad-Ness: The Evolution of Amazing Adventures

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Today we're looking at more of Marvel's Groovy Age ads. This time, let's zoom in on Amazing Adventures, which ran 39 issues (May, 1970-August, 1976). The following ads give us a snapshot of the major phases of AA, from the Kirby-helmed Inhumans, to the Thomas/Adams Inhumans era, to the Beast getting his star-turn, to the introduction of War of the Worlds/Killraven as AA's final, longest running feature (issues 18-39). How 'bout that? You got a quickie history lesson, some cool Kirby, Adams, Kane, and Romita art, and it didn't cost ya anything but time! Catch ya on the flipside!

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  1. The Black Widow series had excellent art (and pretty poor stories), and virtually every issue had a scene of Natasha showering or changing into her fighting togs, that was absolutely essential to the plot and not just thrown in there to stimulate adolescent boys. No sir!



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