Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Black and White Wednesday: "Oh, Brother!" by Steve Skeates and Dave Cockrum

What's happening, Groove-ophiles! Are you ready for a sci-fi shocker from Eerie #36 (August 1971)? Here's Steve Skeates (him again?) and Dave Cockrum's "Oh, Brother!"


  1. Shades of the twilight zone!! Boy that was a errie tale wasn't it? Pun intended, boy Dave cockrum must have loved drawing dinosaurs I noticed he drew quite a few in various story back then. I always loved his art style, the big bushy eyebrows. It's a same he never did draw Shazam for DC. He was in fact asked to, but then left DC to do the New X-Men.

    Makes you wonder huh? If he hadn't left DC, would Captain Marvel has a second big come back. Also maybe the New X-Men would have never come about or atleast as big as they did. Would Dave's characters been in the Legion of Superheroes instead!?? He left because DC had promised to return to him a wedding two page spread he drew in LoSH. Which was either kept by the editor or given away!! I believe it was the wedding of Bouncing Boy & ? who escapes me at this moment. Goota love B & W wednesdays Groovy one! I know I always do. Keep them coming True Believer!

  2. Oh, man...classic twist ending! I grew up on stuff like this when I was a kid, so thanks!

    Hitting your blog today was like walking into a candy store with a twenty-dollar bill. :)

  3. Actually, he did draw Shazam! for DC, to the extent he did a Captain Marvel, Jr. story. It was the prize of the run!

  4. @darkmark What I was saying is DC wanted Dave to draw the regular Shazam title every month. Which he wanted to do very much as well. But when some editos,writer, fellow artist, etc. Stole a double pg wedding spread he drew. I believe for Legion of Superheroes #200? The wedding of Bouncing boy & something Lass. Which they promised he was to get back earlier. He demanded it back or he was quiting. The rest is history, hence Marvel & the New X-Men!



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