Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ol' Groove's Got Your Valentine: Gothic Tales of Love

Happy Valentine's Day, Groove-ophiles! To celebrate this special day, Ol' Groove's got a big surprise for ya. You were expecting some Groovy Age romance comics, weren't ya? Well, there are a few blogs that do that (and far better than I could) like Sequential Crush and As Told To Stan Lee, so I thought I'd take another route. Ready? Here we go...

How many of ya knew that Marvel (under their Curtis imprint) actually published those cheesy romance magazines our moms always read? Really! They did! Check out this ad:

Now, the two or three of ya who knew Marvel published those soapy mags: how many of ya have ever seen hide or hair of 'em? Yeah, that's what I thought...

Well, here's your Valentine, Groove-ophiles! From early 1975, it's the most mysterious, sought after, and rare Marvel mag of all time! Here are the highlights from...Gothic Tales of Love #1!

Oh, by the way, there were three issues of GToL. If ya wanna see more, just ask, baby!


  1. Groove, in a completely hetero-way, I just wanted to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day! Luv ya, man!

  2. More! More! This was great, thanks! I hadn't seen these interiors before. Did they credit the artist? I wasn't able to find a mention.

  3. This is fabulous stuff Groove! Love the doomed romance vibe and that very special 1970's drawing style.




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