Sunday, February 7, 2010

If You Blinked You Missed: Geronimo Jones

July 1971 saw the debut of Charlton Comics Geronimo Jones #1 (no relation to the short-film of the same name released in 1970). Created, written, and inked by Charlton mainstay Tony Tallarico and drawn by Jose Delbo, Geronimo Jones was a pleasant change of pace from the usual comicbook cowboy fare. Though the plot isn't anything new, the character, his personality, and his look are a bit more hip and in sync with the attitudes and flicks of the period. What Ol' Groove really digs is the fact that our hero doesn't look like your average sagebrush star. Dig GJ's debut tale, "The Years Between"!

GJ's mag ran for a mere 9 issues, ending in October, 1972. It was a unique and fun little mag that Young Groove wished would have hung around a while longer.

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