Saturday, February 6, 2010

Those Groovy Saturday Mornings: Alex Toth's Space Ghost! Will Meugnoit and Dave Stevens' Herculoids!

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Ya thought it was wild when Disney bought Marvel? Well, back in the Groovy Age, Marvel got some practice playing nice with other companies' cartoon cavorters when they licensed Hanna/Barbera's line of comic cut-ups. It was a short-term deal, but there were a few true gems that actually came from the Marvel/HB partnership. Take for example TV Stars #3 (September 1978). I'm talkin' Alex-freakin'-Toth applying graphite and ink to his beloved Space Ghost, baby! Oh, and just for fun, how about Will Muegnoit and a pre-Rocketeer Dave Stevens supplying the art for a Herculoids short? Can your eyes handle the splendor? Will your mind be able to fully take in this sublime experience? Of course you'll pass this titanic test! You're Groove-ophiles!

And thanks to Mark Evanier for supplying these stupendous stories for those leviathans of lead!


  1. These are totally groovy, Groovy!

  2. Awesome! There is nothing better than Saturday morning cartoons put to paper. Do not read these until first fixing a nice big bowl of Cookie Crisp. Thanks, Groove.

  3. I've been looking for this issue for years. Thanks for posting it. I'm glad to know that it's worth the quest.

  4. Who loves ya, Groove! Thanks for that! I've always heard Toth wasn't happy with the Space Ghost design, so it's cool to see him sort of do it his way...

  5. Glad you dug the post, Groove-ophiles! Yep, tracking down the actual ish is definitely a worthwhile endeavor!

  6. I use to Space Ghost and his corny jokes and it seemed that Herculoids planet Questor was always being invaded-most have been a test of alien manhood or alien prossess servicers



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