Sunday, July 11, 2010

Addicted to Alex Nino: Space Voyagers Meet "Four Faces of Death!"

What's shakin', Groove-ophiles! It's been a while since we marveled at the magnificent art of Alex Nino, so here's a gem written by Robert Kanigher that's been buried in the back of Rima the Jungle Girl #4 (July 1974) for far too long. 'Bout time we dug it up, don'tcha think? Let's join the Space Voyagers as they meet up with "Four Faces of Death!"


  1. Hey Groovster!
    Enjoyed the art, but the tale was quite bizzare. I just didn't get it I guess. Very bizarre story.

  2. I also own a lot of the RIMA issues, and for many of them, these Alex Nino back up tales were better than the lead feature. Great post.

  3. Gld to find another Space Voyagers fan. You might dig the collection of scans I have in an album on FB.

    Complete Space Voyagers plus a ton of other high-quality Nino



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