Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Two-Fer Tuesday: Fox, Jakes, and Brunner Adapt Howard and Poe

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Time to dust off a duo of chilling classics from Marvel's magnificent Chamber of Chills mag! Both of these fear-fraught faves are illustrated by the fantastic Frank Brunner (best known for stints on Groovy Age must-reads like Dr. Strange and Howard the Duck), both adapt prose-pieces from a couple'a Ol' Groove's all-time fave authors, Edgar Allan Poe and Robert E. Howard, and both are far-freakin-out!

First up, here's Gardner Fox's take on REH's "The Monster from the Mound!" (Chamber of Chills #2, October 1972)...

Now, I've been slinging words like "adapted" and "adaptations" around here, and when it comes to Jakes' "The Opener of the Crypt!" from CoC #4 (February 1973), Jakes is really adapting one of his own prose tales. The fun part is that the story is a swingin' sequel to EAP's "The Cask of Amontillado" and features none other than Fortunato, himself! Dig it, baby!


  1. Hey Groovy One!
    I forgot about this one. I used to buy almost every Marvel monster mag. I also bought anything Frank Brunner's magic pencil touch upon! I guess that vampire liked his stakes Well Done! Must have Sucked to be him! LOL!

  2. Hey Groovy One!
    I forgot to mention, did you know this was Frank Brunner's first gig at Marvel Comics! You can see the original art at Comic Art Fans.com also.

  3. You're right, Mike! I'd forgotten all about that fact when I wrote this post (in great haste, I might add). Thanks for the additional info, pal!

  4. Hey Groovster!
    I just sent this link off to Frank. Along with your e-mail address. So maybe he'll drop by here & leave a comment. Or atleast shoot you off a e-mail.



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