Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Black and White Wednesday: "The Earth-Wreckers!"

What it is, Groove-ophiles! Today's a biggie! Ol' Groove is gonna lay his favorite issue of Marvel's black and white Doc Savage mag on ya. Yeah, back in the Summer of '76, Young Groove flipped for this Doug Moench/Tony DeZuniga collaboration. I mean, what's not to love? Doc literally hopping the globe, using tons of his famed, super-scientific vehicles, contraptions, and gadgets fighting a Doc Doom-inspired super-villain with the help of, not only his Amazing Five, but his cousin, Pat Savage--the grooviest chick in all of pulp-dom! An' if that ain't enough, toss in the Lock Ness Monster for good measure! The twelve-year-old in me is jumpin' up and down even as I type! Enough yakkin'--get ready to feast your eyes on this super-length super-saga from Doc Savage #5..."The Earth-Wreckers!"


  1. That was my favorite of the Doc Savage B&W's, too. I read it until it started coming apart. Thanks for posting.


  2. The Doctor is in!
    Now I remember why I loved Doc Savage so much! He's iconic! Love the Ken Barr cover & especially Tony Dezuniga's gritty pencils. It really worked for these period pieces he worked on. Jonah Hex, Doc Savage & MAN-GOD.

    I asked Tony how he approached doing the MAN-GOD story. He said he drew Hugo Danner/MAN-GOD as if it was a Doc Savage story. His rough pencils & dark inks really breath life into these characters & stories. The amount of detail is beautiful. I passed this onto to Tony & asked him, if he'd drop by. Keep um coming Groovy One! Give us more Doc Savage & Tony Dezuniga! Hey how about Weird Heroes Doc Phoenix as well?

  3. This was such an awesome these old B/W Marvel mags

  4. Love this banner! Once of my all time favorite MTIO covers!

  5. R.I.P. Tony Dezuniga yout sorrily missed my friend. Another comic great left us this year. Sigh!



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