Saturday, July 17, 2010

Groove's Faves: "The Abominable Snow-King!" by Bill Everett

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Time once more to delve into the Files of the Forgotten to glom onto a groovy goody guaranteed to make ya grin! This time it's Sub-Mariner #55 (August 1972) featuring Subby creator Bill Everett's "The Abominable Snow-King!" I love the fact that this full-length feature was totally in "Wild" Bill's more-than-capable hands...until you get to the last page where it looks like the art's been tampered with. Did editorial not approve of the ending? Did the Dreaded Deadline Doom keep Everett from finishing the last page? I dunno but it looks...fishy (sorry! don't throw stuff!!)...t'me. Anyway, it's still very cool the way that the Golden Age great managed to tell his own kind of story with his own creation, and yet keep it "modern" Marvel-style. Bet you'll dig it, too!


  1. I just recently discovered your blog; what a find! A cornucopia of treasures half remembered and, just a few, still possessed. Thankyou for all the reminders of comics passed. Love it!

  2. Oh yeah....I remember these Everett issues. Everett's art just totally entranced me as a kid! I loved the way he drew mud, for some reason! But the whole atmosphere of these books was outstanding. Everett passed away not long afterwards. He certainly went out in style....and with his most famous creation!

  3. Gotta love the Everett!!
    I was so happy Stan"The Man" Lee gave him back his baby before he left us. I think Stan knew he was dying. So gave him Subby to do once again. Man he made everything look great didn't he?

    His inking was superb as well. Look at his inks on Gil Kane's Defenders on the Marvel Feature covers.He left us fans way too young. Wish he lived alot longer. Truly one of Marvel's greats!

  4. HannibalCat it's my pleasure! Welcome to Groove-dom!

    Chris, I agree with ya--Everett drew mud, water, heck just about any type of organic stuff ('specially girls!) better than just about anyone. His inks were so lush and beautiful.

    Hey, Mike, don't ya think Roy had a lot to do with Bill getting to tackle Subby at this point? I know Stan had to get behind it, too, but considering the love Roy had (and still has) for Bill and Subby, I'd say this was a quick and easy decision for Marvel's new EiC!



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