Friday, August 27, 2010

Random Reads: "A Fortune of Death!" by Moench and Gulacy

Hi-YAH, Groove-ophiles! Today Ol' Groove is dipping deep into the Cabinet of Cool for a rare done-in-one issue of Marvel's classic Master of Kung Fu. "A Fortune of Death", from Master of Kung Fu #22 (August 1974), is one of those great philosophical character studies writer Doug Moench was writing at the time. By nature of its very existence, each ish of MOKF had to be filled with "martial arts action in the mighty Marvel manner", but Moench heavily ladled each flying-foot fest with intrigue, philosophy, insight, and the most grown-up characters in comicdom. The art by Paul Gulacy (inked by Dan Adkins) was pure Steranko-meets-Bruce-Lee-Flick at this point in time, but it was so cinematic and powerful that Teen Groove verily flipped-out with each flip of the page. What happens when Shang Chi, son of Fu Manchu, goes out for a Chinese meal? Check it out!

And can ya believe that it's all wrapped up under a J0hn Buscema/Joe Sinnot cover?

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  1. It's weird how, when I was a kid, I never noticed the Steranko thing at all but now it just leaps out at me. Not being a fan of Steranko, I think I must've just blanked it out of my mind.



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