Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Funnies: "How the Kotter Gang Spent Their Summer Vacation" by John Severin

Hullo. How are ya, Groove-ophiles! My name is Arnold Horshack. Y'want I should share a really, really good Welcome Back, Kotter parody with ya? Who? Kotter, remember the 70s show with John Travolta and the other Sweathogs trying to get by in Gabe (Kaplan) Kotter's high school class? Where? On ABC-TV? Why? 'Cause it was a hit, Vinnie, or don'tcha remember nothin'? Anyway, in Cracked Magazine #137 (cover-dated November 1976), John Severin did his usual far-out job of sending up yet another pop-culture phenomenon as he filled us in on "How the Kotter Gang Spent Their Summer Vacation". Oooh! Oooh, ooh! Y'wanna read it? G'head, g'head...

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