Thursday, August 5, 2010

Random Reads: "The Warlock Tree!" by Conway, Windsor-Smith, and Shores

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Are you ready for a titanic terror-tale courtesy writer Gerry Conway and artists Barry (Windsor-) Smith and Syd Shores? Ya are? Far out! Then Ol' Groove is sure you're gonna dig "The Warlock Tree!" from Chamber of Darkness #3 (November 1969)...

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  1. Hey Groovy One!
    Wow! I was only 8 when this was published. Time sures fly huh? The power of love huh? I was expecting Huey Lewis & the News to kick in! LOL! I love Barry Windsor Smith! But boy whoever inked this Shy Shores? Who I also love, sure didn't ink this very well. Unless Barry only drew outlines? decent little tale, but disappointing art wise. But hey I love all these Marvel monster/horror tales from the 70's!Keep em coming Groovy One!



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