Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Funnies: The Walnuts by Wolfman and Severin

The Waltons was must-see-TV back in the Groovy Age, and as much as we loved it, it sure was (and still is) a lotta fun poking fun at it. From Crazy Magazine #3, here's a punchy parody by Marv Wolfman and Marie Severin (who could give her brother John a run for his moolah in the caricaturing department). Tune in, turn on, and drop out to the Depression era doldrums of "The Walnuts"!

G'night, John-Boy!


  1. I got to meet Mr. Wolfman last year. Good times.

  2. This parody was awesome, Doc!

    "First, John-Boob, can you help me short-sheet the north 40?"

    Haw Haw haw!!

  3. Wonderful artwork from Marie Severin.

    (Following the image link from the Comics Reporter website, I initially thought the artist was John Severin, then realised it didn't have his heavily hatched style.)

    So both John (in many issues of Cracked) and Marie (in Crazy) drew some very realistic parodies.

    They're wonderful talents and I'm pleased they got a chance to work together in the 1970s on Marvel's Kull the Conqueror comic book.



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