Friday, August 13, 2010

The Boys from Derby: Ghost Manor #13 by Gill, PAM, Ditko, Staton, and Howard

It's Friday the 13th, Groove-ophiles! But here in Groove City it's your lucky day cause Ol' Groove is gonna lay a special treat on ya! In April, 1973, Charlton Comics unleashed the 13th issue of Ghost Manor upon comicdom assembled--and what a mag it was! A trio of titanic terror tales written by the incomparable Joe Gill and drawn by Pete Morisi (aka PAM), Steve Ditko, and Joe Staton--all under a wondrous Wayne Howard cover! What kid could have resisted plunking down two thin dimes for a treasure-trove of thrills and chills like that? Not Young Groove, baby! Dig it!

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  1. What a groovy idea for a Friday the 13th post. I notice that "PAM" seems to have swiped a Gil Kane dragon on the seventh page of his story. And I can't imagine Groovy Age Marvel or DC publishing a story with a title like that of the second story. (Sounds like the title of Groovy Age Italian horror movie!) Thanks.



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