Monday, January 10, 2011

Grooviest Covers of All Time: Iconic Boris Vallejo

What it is, Groove-ophiles! It suddenly hit me (when I realized that this past Saturday was his birthday) that Ol' Groove has overlooked the comicbook cover art of one of the greatest artists to ever apply paint to canvas--Boris Vallejo. To call Vallejo a legend would be like saying Neptune is a little far away. His book covers, art books, posters, etc. are known world-wide. Lots of folks forget, though, that during the early 70s Boris' handiwork graced the covers of many a Skywald, Warren, and Marvel black and white mag. Following are just a smattering of the more iconic pieces Boris produced for pulp posterity...

Yeah, I know. Tell your eyeballs they're welcome.

ITEM! Before signing off, Ol' Groove wants to pass along a couple of important links. Colorist Tom Ziuko has had major health problems which have cut into his ability to work. Doctor bills are piling up and the man could use a helping hand. Please consider donating a bit to the cause, Groove-ophiles. We always talk about how much we appreciate the folks who create our beloved comics--well, here's a chance to put those words into action. For the full story via Tom's pal (and a swell talent in his own right) Alan Kupperberg visit 20th Century Danny Boy.  If ya wanna go ahead and donate to the cause, you can send money via Alan's PayPal Account. Thanks, Groove-ophiles! You're the greatest!


  1. Many, many thanks for that. All the help we can get for Tom is appreciated. Anything I can do for you, don't hesitate to ask!

  2. My pleasure, Daniel! Thanks for getting the ball rolling, and I hope Tom gets tons-o-help!

  3. Are the paintings of these covers collected in any book on Boris? A buddy of mine passed me a Boris book, but it was some latter day thing he's done with a woman (his wife?)and wasn't a fraction as interesting as the covers above. Does anyone know? That Psycho/Frankenstein cover is astonishing!

    Sending my very best to Tom Ziuko!

  4. John your thinking of his wife indeed. The equally amazing artist Julie Bell! Boris is astounding, very few artists/painters can blow away a audience the way he can. With the exception of Frank Frazetta, Ken Kelly & a very few others. Whose's names escape my memory at the moment. All I can say is beautiful!



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