Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Funnies: Rare Laurel and Hardy by Albano, Sekowsky, and Scarpelli

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! How many of ya caught TCM's recent Laurel and Hardy marathon? Ol' Groove dug watching tons of short knee-slappers from that classic comic duo (hadn't seen them in decades! Thanks TCM!!)--and it brought to mind a comic DC put out back in the spring of 72. What comic was that? Why, Larry Harmon's Laurel and Hardy #1 (April 1972), natch! The mag featured mostly reprints from the U.K. based on Harmon's TV cartoons (with touch-ups by a young Alan [Orphan Annie] Kupperberg), but DC did provide a brand-new cover and a six page lead feature that was pretty neat-o. DC's L&H #1-and-only is high on the list of hard-to-find comic mags, but does that ever stop us here in Groove City? No way, baby! Here for your Sunday enjoyment is "Silly Saps at Sea!" by John Albano, Mike Sekowsky, and Henry Scarpelli. Here's another fine comic Ol' Groove's gotten ya into!


  1. Whenever anyone posts this, I have to send this: Issue Two.

  2. Very cool! Ah, what might have been. Thanks for sharing, Steve!



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