Friday, January 21, 2011

Making a Splash: Jim Aparo's Aquaman, Round 1

What's happening, Groove-ophiles! Today's tasty treat is a pile of perfect splash pages from the hand of Aquaman's main man, Jim Aparo! Today we're planting our peepers on Aquaman #'s 40-56 (March 1968-December 1970). Along with his fellow Boys from Derby, writer Steve Skeates and editor Dick Giordano, Jim set the comicbook world on fire with innovative and fun tales featuring DC's King of Atlantis. In Ol' Groove's humble opinion, Arthur Curry and friends were never in better hands!

 Note Ol' Groove used several first or title pages, because the S.A.G. team's experimental bent oftentimes led them to eschew the use of traditional splash pages. Far-out stuff, ain't it?


  1. Jim always drew great characters. Aquaman, Batman, Phantom Stranger & the Spectre. I loved his Brave & the Bold. I was always disappointed beside's doing one cover for the Comic Reader using Capt.Marvel/Shazam.

    That DC never let him draw the Big Red Cheese as a back up atleast or in the B & the B with Batman a few times. There's alway room for Aparo, like Jello. Their both awesome! I will always regret not having him. As well as John Buscema & Dave Cockrum do commissions for me.

    By the time I realized they were doing them. They were either too ill, or passed away like a month later.

  2. Totally awesome! Great post. Aparo draws the definitive Aquaman and cast.

    I used my favorite Aparo panel as my twitter page backgroud: @Jslab424

  3. As great as Aparo was, and these examples sure point that out, I guess I'll always prefer Nick Cardy. Cardy's Aqua-work occurred in the pre-Groovy days, though. So here's a request for any interior artwork (as opposed to all the covers he did for DC) you can find by Cardy during the Groovy Age.

  4. Love all the pages, except for Aqualad: he looks like he has a 35 year old face and a 15 year old body. (I should be so lucky myself...)

  5. Nice! I read these as a kid, brings back memories. You can see Aparo improve through the years through these splash pages.

  6. Nice post. Aparo's work of the seventies is much better than his last years.



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