Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Boys from Derby: "The Beasts of Madame Kahn" by Cuti and Newton

Sometimes a comic is so good it doesn't even need much of an intro. In fact, sometimes you can just kick things off with a question and let it truck right on. To wit... How 'bout a classic Phantom story from two of Charlton's finest, Nick Cuti and Don Newton? Yeah, Ol' Groove thought you'd dig that! Get ready to face..."The Beasts of Madame Kahn" from Charlton's Phantom #68 (September 1975)!


  1. Keep the Newton stuff coming. I'm a big fan, so it's nice to see some undiscovered goodness.

  2. Dang dyslexia! I read that as "The Breasts of Madeline Kahn!"

  3. This is truly one of the finest pieces of story and art to come from Charlton. Kudos to editor George Wildman, writer Nicola Cuti and artist, the late Don Newton. This era of Phantom history was all too brief.
    -Donnie Pitchford



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