Monday, May 23, 2011

Bring on the Back-ups: "The Ghost with Two Faces!" by Kanigher, Buckler, and Giordano

What it is, Groove-ophiles! Today we're gonna focus on DC's greatest schitzoid super-heroine, Rose and Thorn. Young Groove was never a big fan of the Lois Lane mag (don't really think I was the target-audience, to tell the truth), but man, did I ever go ape for those Rose and Thorn back-ups! Thorn was where it's at, baby! Beautiful, mysterious, and did she ever have a hip costume! One of the best of her awesome adventures was Lois Lane #117's (October 1971) "The Ghost with Two Faces!" by co-creator Robert Kanigher, a young Rich Buckler (I do believe it's his first DC super-hero work), and the incredible Dick Giordano. What I really, really dig are Buckler's layouts here. The storytelling is awesome (love the way he splits panels to "slice moments"), and the fight scenes are outtasite! Methinks Frank Miller might've studied this story for some of Elektra's moves. Check it out!


  1. Page 8 is missing from the story, Groove!
    Interesting that this appears to be another story inspired, like the Alex Nino-drawn story from last week, inspired by the Night Gallery episode, "The House." This one is, at least, not such a direct rip-off, but the haunting dream house concept is still there. I guess it's no surprise that that episode had as much of an impact on Oleck and Kanigher as it did on me those many years ago!

  2. Thanks, Groove---but can you post page 8 of the story?

  3. That's Lois Lane #117, by the way, not #217. I actually had that issue.

  4. Man, when Ol' Groove fudges it up, he fudges it up, don't he? Fixed the ish # and added page 8. Hopefully that takes care o'the boo boos. Sigh...



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