Friday, May 6, 2011

Thor Week! Behold! The Awesome Apparel of the All-Father Odin!

We're wrapping up Thor Week here in Groove City with a look at the titanic togs sported by Thor's big-daddy Odin! Dreaming up exemplary ensembles for the All-Father seemed to inspire Marvel's artists to create costumes that could only be topped (possibly) by Elton John's tailor! Dig it as Jack Kirby, Neal Adams, John Buscema, and Keith Pollard go Bob Mackie on Odin!

That should help ya pass the time until ya get thee to see the Thor flick. Mebbe Ol' Groove'll see ya there!


  1. It always annoyed me as a kid that Odin never had a set costume like Thor or Balder or other Asgardians. But later of course I realized those elaborate creations were the whole point of this most powerful All-Father!

    Rip Off

  2. Now I know why we always usually see Odin just sitting on his throne. Because he's exhausted after just walking across the room. With all that tons of chainmail he wears! Not to mention those helmet get ups that are big as his head!

    Who picks his colors though? YUCK! WARDROBE!!LOL

  3. His designer had to be gay.

    Seriously, wonderful outfits. I agree that the only thing that let them down were the colour choices. Steel blues, greys, silver would have worked better.

  4. Jeez, but Jack Kirby was the man. Just look at these drawings.

  5. Correction, Kirby was & will forever more be The King! Long Live the King! Thank you...Thank you very much! His art always left me aaalllll sshhooookkk uuuppp!!

  6. Odin must have had one heck of a hatstand in his front hallway.

    B Smith

  7. Great week, Groove. Thank you!

  8. I want one of his hats. then I'd be really cool.

  9. How many people think that Odin's outfits look simply Faaaabulous!!!

    To address another commenter's remark, Jack Kirby wasn't gay. He was married and had kids.

    However, the we don't know about the colorist. Now that person either liked a metrosexual color scheme, or he was totally colorblind.

  10. I've said it before and I'll say it again...NICE HAT!!

  11. If you've ever read the original Hercules arc in JIM #124-Thor 130, you'll notice something very interesting with Odin's headress. The madder he gets, the longer and longer the horns become. It's not known if Jolly Jack Kirby planned this, but the trend is unmistakable. Go check it out in the Marvel Masterworks or the Thor Essential volume that reprints these beauties.



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