Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Addicted to Alex Nino: "Dream House" by Oleck and Nino

Man! Ol' Groove just realized we haven't gotten down with any Alex Nino awesomeness since December! Gotta do something about that, Groove-ophiles! Try this shocker from Weird Mystery Tales #5 (January 1973), written by the great Jack Oleck. It features some really far-out, psychedelic scenes as only Nino could present 'em. Beware! Fans of HGTV (like my wife!) might not be able to stand the night in this..."Dream House"!


  1. Shamelessly ripped off from a 1970 epsiode of "Night Gallery" ("The House"), but nicely drawn by Nino.

  2. Always dig the Nino posts, Groove! Now if someone would tell me how to get a tilde over the N so I can stop butchering his last name, that would rule!



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