Monday, May 9, 2011

Random Reads: "The War Machine!" by Wein and Thorne

What it is, Groove-ophiles! Ya know, Ol' Groove has done several posts pertaining to the pulse-pounding back-ups found in DC's Korak Son of Tarzan run, but I've been neglecting Tarzan's teen-offspring, himself! Well, I might goof up a lot, but I always try to rectify my oversights! So here's a dandy tale from Korak's second DC ish, #47 (May 1972). Written by 70s superstar Len Wein with outstanding Joe Kubert-inspired art by Frank (Red Sonja, Ghita) Thorne "The War Machine" pits Korak against crocodiles, slavery, Nazis, zeppelins, aaaaaand sports a supporting character who looks and sounds suspiciously like Humphrey Bogart from the African Queen. Now if that last bit of info doesn't grab ya, Groove-ophile, then ya better have a doctor check your pulse!

And dig that Kubert cover! Didn't take Young Groove long to decide to plunk down two dimes for this dude way back when! Can ya blame 'im?


  1. Do believe I own this issue somewhere in my collection. I really love Frank Thorne! I won't mind seeing more of his work here on Diversions.
    Thanks for this story, GA.

  2. Early 70s, ERB, Frank Thorne, and DC: what a GREAT way to start a Monday morning. Thanks for posting, Groove! Here's hoping for more DC ERB in the future.



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