Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Black and White Wednesday: "Time Eater" by Butterworth and Neary

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Before super-star inker Paul Neary became partner-in-comix to super-star pencilers like Alan Davis and Brian Hitch, he was a pretty far-out penciler in his own right. His work for Warren's b&w mags was always top-notch, as the following piece, "Time Eater", written by Warren regular Jack Butterworth, proves. This was a heavy dose of sci-fi, baby, popular enough to be reprinted in summer 1979's Galactic War Comix number one-and-only (reprinted from Creepy #73).


  1. Why do I get this strange feeling of De Ja Vue? I have to find the answer! If I have to rip this universe a new Black Hole! I've Got To MISTER!WARP 10 Mr.Sulu!

    Did I ever tell you I love B & W Wednesdays? LOL

  2. yeah, tend to forget Paul Neary was a damn fine artist, probably still is. I'd like to see his own stuff now. nice post.

  3. Yes, the artwork is really nice!



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