Monday, August 13, 2012

Joe Kubert, R.I.P.

Joe Kubert passed away yesterday at the age of 85. His legacy is staggering. Besides his body of work (thousands upon thousands of pages of incredible art, creations, writing, and editing), his sons, Andy and Adam, are top-notch artists in their own right and his school has produced dozens of high-quality comicbook artists. Kubert started his career at the age of 12--and was still producing new comics til the end. (I'd already pre-ordered the first issue of Joe Kubert Presents. sigh...)

His love of the medium. His art.  That's what we'll best remember him for. The power. The energy. The humanity. The sheer beauty.That's what Joe Kubert's art was all about. For example, just look at the full art he did for Ragman #5 (April 1977). Story by Robert Kanigher.


  1. Vale.
    By any measure one of the greatest.
    I fell in love with his work through DC's Tarzan.

  2. *heavy sad sigh* Saw the news elsewhere, but I'm glad you posted one of my personal favorite creations of his. RIP, Joe.

  3. Groove you really know how to make a tribute Sir. One of my favorite Joe Kubert stories presented here as a memorial.

  4. Nice tribute! Brillant dynamic storytelling.

  5. A strange feeling...
    Mr Kubert has been there all my life.
    His Tarzan spoke to me more than Mr Foster's,Mr Hogarth's,
    Mr Manning's,Mr Frazetta's,Mr Buscema's...
    Sgt. Rock,The Viking Prince,Hawkman,Enemy Ace...
    And it felt that he would be able to go on forever as a great artist;Tex Willer in 2005 (Great!Great!Great!Mr Kubert pushing 80!).
    Thank you,Mr Groove,for sharing Ragman(great big scans).
    /Mr Anonymous

  6. RIP Joe Kubert. A true artistic legend. Farewell master.

    - Mike from Trinidad & Tobago.

  7. Kubert's war covers were very tense, frightful and exciting to me. There was one with guys in a raft navigating a body of water infested with not only mines, but sharks. I'll remember that always.
    I cherish Kubert's b&w work reprint in the Showcase Presents series: Enemy Ace, Haunted Tank, Sgt. Rock, Unknown Soldier. I also liked his Abraham Stone creation.

    Rest in peace, Mr. Kubert. You were amazing.

  8. Great piece to use as a tribute Groovster! Sorry I forgot to notify you of his passing on sunday. I was busy shooting off e-mails & calling pros. Loved this series, but hated seeing the $ go up in flames. I was hoping Rory was going to discover it later & hls rebuild his neighborhood with it. kubert's War, Sgt.Rock, Tarazan, Ragman & all the rest made my childhood/teen years great! R.I.P. Joe you'll be deeply missed.



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