Friday, August 10, 2012

Making a Splash: The Power of Ron Wilson's Hulk!

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! While most think of Herb Trimpe and Sal Buscema as the major Hulk artists of the Groovy Age, many tend to forget the powerhouse penciling of Ron Wilson who drew most issues (10-22) of The Hulk! magazine from 1978-1980. Wilson's Hulk was a wonder to behold. Savage, powerful, and downright scary! No matter who the inker--Ric Villamonte, Fran Matera, Ernie Chan, Bob McLeod, Rudy Nebres, or Alfredo Alcala--Wilson's bold, vigorous pencils made the Hulk veritably leap off the page and into your face!Dig it!


  1. I was never a fan of Ron Wilson's Hulk simply because I never realised he was there. Wilson was so overpowered by many of the inker/finishers he worked with that he could almost have not been there. Under Alcala or Nebres glorious brushwork Buscema stood out still but Wilson was simply swamped. On those rare occasions I saw his work with less overpowering inkers, like on The Thing comic, he had a pretty decent Kirbyesque power to his work that I always enjoyed. Good to know folk still remeber him and looking out for Battle Rappers.

  2. I loved these Hulk magazines. Will you be posting these stories, especially The Biggest Game?



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