Friday, August 17, 2012

The Grooviest Covers of All Time: George Perez Two-In-One

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! What's a good way to let your eyes and brain enjoy themselves for a while? By letting them gaze upon a cornucopia of classic George Perez covers created for his short-but-sweet run as semi-regular cover artist on Marvel Two-In-One!

(For a bit on Perez's turn as Two-In-One's interior artist, you can click here.)


  1. Not only are those some of the best covers of that series, they're also some of the best issues as well (well, many of my personal favorites anyway). After reading the wonderfully fun Marvel 2-in-1 #51, I moved from being a sporadic to regular reader of the series, and such great stuff followed: the Project Pegasus epic, the space opera, and then the Serpent Crown story, with cool stuff in between, and tons of great art by Perez, Byrne, Day, etc.

  2. Groove, thanks for reminding me that I'm so old I can remember when Nick Fury was a white guy.
    This is a sweet run.
    Perez didn't pencil them all, but Day actually inked more than just the Perez pencilled interiors, didn't he?

    1. You're right, Gary! Jerry Bingham drew a few of the issues pictured above and Gene Day inked them to keep things (kinda) consistent. Fun facts: ish #51 was an early Frank Miller job inked by Bob McLeod; John Byrne and Joe Sinnott provided the art for the early chapters of Project: Pegasus. The parenthetical link at the end of the post will take you to the splash pages for the Perez/Day issues, btw.

  3. Serpent Crown Affair was quite fun! Thanks for the trip down Perez memory lane, GA!

  4. very entertaining, this is cool!

  5. I sometimes find myself scouring back issue bins and picking up books with Perez (and Byrne) covers...just to try and recapture some of that feeling from my youth....always bonus points when they do the interior, too...

  6. MTIO was on fire from iss 50 through about 66!! Lots of great multi-issue storylines. Macchio and Gruenwald were on top of their game there! And throwing in Byrne, Perez, Bingham, Day, and Miller sure didn't hurt!

  7. Yes, never forget the inker(s)!

    I'm torn between the covers inked by Joe Sinnott and those inked by Terry Austin.



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