Thursday, August 2, 2012

(P)Raising Kane: "After the Cat" by Skeates, Kane, and Trapini

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Let's kick back and enjoy some far-out and fabulous Gil Kane art today! With "After the Cat" from The Hawk & The Dove #3 (October 1968) author Steve Skeates (who's being honored with the 2012 Bill Finger Award--congrats, Sir Steve!) gives Kane plenty of action and angst to illustrate. Inker Sal Trapini gives Kane's pencils a different finish, but you can tell it's Groovy Gil through and through. Dig it!

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  1. Not to dismiss Gil Kane--this was good stuff by him--but I've always wondered what Ditko was trying to say with The Hawk and the Dove. After all, the real issue isn't violence or pacifism, but the initiation of force, and I'm sure the Rand-influenced Ditko knew this, as he actually wrote an essay on violence at some point that said exactly that.

    A nice followup to this story might be the Alan Brennert-written Brave and the Bold issue #181 featuring the Hawk and the Dove. Not only does Brennert tell a good story, but, of course, it has more wonderful Jim Aparo art.



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