Friday, August 31, 2012

The Grooviest Covers of All Time: Steranko's X-Men

Jim Steranko. Covers for The X-Men issues 49-51 (July-September, 1968). You need know nothing else to savor the following masterpieces...

Oh, and tell your eyes Ol' Groove said, "You're welcome."

 Thanks goodness for the GCD and it's collection of covers!


  1. ...and he designed the new logo.
    The talent is just breathtaking.

  2. Jim Steranko is a design magician. His style mesmerized me as a kid,whether it was in Capt.America or SHIELD...would have liked to see Steranko tackle DC characters !

  3. STERANKO COMMISSIONS - Jim asked me to spread the word.

    Jim Steranko has finally agreed to accept commissions from art collectors in the States and overseas. The subject matter should feature characters identified with the artist, such as Captain America, Nick Fury, The Shadow, Batman, etc. He generally works in two standard formats:

    Character portraits rendered in ink on 7x10" stock which range from $250-750, depending on the complexity of such detail as dramatic lighting/shadows, expressions, minor background elements, etc. Blank comicbook cover portraits range from $400-750. Super-tight pencilled figures with minimal backgrounds on 11x14” Strathmore vellum stock run about $1250. Variations will be quoted individually. Scheduling depends on commercial deadlines, but generally 1-3 weeks. Postage, packing, and insurance are extra. Steranko vintage originals have recently sold for $30-100K, with recreations reselling for $30K, so the investment aspect is significant.

    The artist can be contacted at

  4. The Lorna Dane cover, in particular, was just splendid--and so eye-catching that it didn't even need a caption.

  5. A great set of covers, most def ---

    Riley Furious, Agent of G.R.O.O.V.Y



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