Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Making a Splash: "Madbomb"--Jack Kirby's Return to Captain America and Marvel

Today, of course, is the late, great Jack "King" Kirby's birthday. I thought a cool way to celebrate would be to share the sizzling splashes that spearheaded Jack's 1975 return to Marvel Comics and Captain America: the mighty "Madbomb" saga from Captain America #'s 193-200 (October 1975-May 1976). Captain America's mag reached ish #200, the good ol' U.S. of A. turned 200, and The King's wild and wacky sci-fi/action thriller made Young Groove's head spin around (Linda Blair style, no less!) at least 200 times! Remember these...?


  1. I remember as a kid loving Kirby's return!! His Capt.A blew me away! As well as his 2001, Machine Man & the Eternals later. I was always disappointed Marvel never had a Machine Man toy. Or a line of Kirby Mego figures. Based off the cast of Machine Man & the Eternals. It's a real shame he got such a raw deal from Marvel. If I had only known in the summer of 76, at age 14, almost 15.

    I was staying like 13 miles from his home in Sherman Oaks. I was in Canoga Park at my aunt's house. If I had known, I would had hitch hiked a ride if I had to, to get to his house! SIGH! I would had asked him to put me in a series as a character. As well as page. I would had painted his house or mowed his lawn a few times in exchange. I truly envy those who knew or simply got to meet him once. Long Live the King!

  2. I actually liked "Capt.America's Love Story" when i first read it all those years ago.I remember Marvel teasing the readers about which characters Kirby would be illustrating upon his return...one was that "The King will draw a king!" People guessed the Inhumans, Kazar,Dr.Doom...turned out to be the Black Panther !

  3. That is surely some "pure" comics fun that is obviously evident on each and every splash by the late "King". My brother was subscribed to Captain America as these issues came out, and we loved them quite a bit.

  4. I will always love the Kings art, but if there was one chink in the armor, it was his storytelling. Again this is strictly my opinion. RickH



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